Election Judge

To all Missouri Libertarian Party County affiliate Chair’s:

As you may know I have been an advocate for Libertarian Election Judges here in Missouri. I have served as a poll worker representing the libertarian party here in Greene County. And I want to continue this effort by notifying you about the necessary procedure to getting libertarians registered to serve as election judges.

First identify libertarians interested in being an election judge.
If haven’t already, find out who the elections coordinator is at your county clerks office. Introduce yourself and ask who coordinates the “independent” election judges, they will be handling the libertarian election Judge’s swell.
There should be a form available for voters to register as election judges. In many countries the form only gives the option of Republican or Democrat, since the Missouri Libertarian Party is an established party that is not in compliance with Missouri Election Laws. Get this form of one is not available ask the clerks office for one.
As County Chair, after you have identified interested libertarians who wish to serve as an election Judge, collect the necessary information such as name, address, email, phone number, precinct or ward. You can find information on the persons voter registration card.
Put a list together. This list will need to be submitted to the County Clerks office no later than December 10th after the November election.
In the event that you encounter opposition for any reason feel free to contact me. I suggest to contact Greg Tlapek or Bill Slantz, or Rick Vandeven regarding your issue.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 417-894-6720.

Cecil Ince