By-laws of the Libertarian Party of Greene County


We, the Libertarians of the County of Greene, State of Missouri, recognizing the need in this county for an authentic political alternative, and believing in the principles and philosophy of libertarianism, supporting a return to Constitutional government in these United States, Missouri and Greene County, hereby organize and institute the  Libertarian Party of Greene County under these bylaws.


1.1 The name of this organization shall be the “Libertarian Party of Greene County “, hereinafter referred to as the “LPGC “.

1.2 The purpose of the LPGC shall be the promotion of Libertarian candidates for election to public office and the promotion of libertarian ideas and philosophy.

1.3 The LPGC shall be affiliated with the Missouri Libertarian Party and the National Libertarian Party and shall comply with all of the applicable rules and bylaws affecting affiliate parties as promulgated by the Missouri Libertarian Party State & Executive Committees, the Missouri Libertarian Party State Convention, and the Libertarian Party National Committee and the Libertarian Party National Convention.


2.1 ​The rules governing the conduct of County Committee meetings, County Executive Committee meetings, and the County Convention shall be Robert’s Rules of Order.

2.2 ​A quorum at County Committee meetings and County Executive Committee meetings shall exist if 51% of the membership of the committee is present in person or via telecommunications.

2.3 ​Only members present, either in person or via telecommunications, may vote at meetings of the County Committee and the County Executive Committee. No absentee or proxy voting shall be allowed except that duly elected alternates may vote in place of absent ward or township representatives.


3.1 ​The duration of the Party shall be perpetual. In the event of dissolution of the organization , any remaining funds can be disbursed in the following manner: returned to donors; given to then current candidates for office; donated to other non-profit organizations; or donated to charity, as determined by the Executive Committee.


4.1 ​A person is a recognized and voting member of the LPGC and entitled to vote on LPGC business if they are an elected or appointed officer, a current committeeman or committeewoman per the Missouri state statutes for political parties, or has run as a Libertarian candidate in a partisan Missouri election within the last two years, or has made a contribution to the LPGC of at least $25 (monetary or in kind contributions) in the last year, and a resident of Greene County Missouri.

4.2 ​A member may be censured and/or disavowed by the County Committee if he or she, while purporting to represent to the public the LPGC, states positions which are contrary to Libertarian principles and/or is found to have committed acts of fraud and/or violence. Upon 30 day notice to appear or be represented before the County Committee to be heard on the charge(s) levied, censure or disavowal shall be only upon approval of three-quarters of the whole membership.

4.3 ​A member may be expelled from the organization for violation of the bylaws or for other cause deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the organization, as determined by the County Committee. Only the County Executive Committee may propose the expulsion of a member to the County Committee. Notice that the County Committee will consider expulsion of a member shall be mailed to all of the County Committee members and the member subject to expulsion in writing and at least 30 days prior to the County Committee meeting. At the County Committee meeting, the Chair shall preside over the proceeding to consider expulsion of a member. Expulsion shall be only upon approval of three-quarters of the whole membership.


5.1 ​The County Committee shall be constituted as nearly as feasible in accordance with RSMo 115.607, and shall constitute all voting members of the LPGC.

5.2 ​The County Committee shall have the authority to pass and amend bylaws, raise money, maintain bank accounts, expend necessary funds raised, form committees, assign duties to County Officers and appoint agents to act on its behalf.

5.3 ​The County Committee shall meet at least at each County Convention.


6.1 ​The County Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the LPGC, and Committee men and women from the various Wards and Townships with in Greene County Missouri, not to exceed two per Ward or Township. Each committee man and woman shall be an individual who has been nominated by the voting members of the LPGC and shall be elected at each primary election and shall hold office until their successors are elected and qualified.

6.2 ​The County Executive Committee, as defined herein, shall be authorized to act on behalf of the County Committee in between County Committee meetings. The County Executive Committee shall be authorized to take any action which could be taken by the County Committee on a simple majority vote.

6.3 ​Challenges to the selection of County Executive Committee members from a given Wards and Townships, may be made by County Committee members from the same districts. Any such challenge shall be presented to the County Committee for resolution. In the event of such a challenge, no challenged member shall vote on the resolution of said challenge.

6.4 ​The County Executive Committee shall serve for a period of two years , or until their successors are selected, beginning at the County Committee meeting following the annual County Convention. Vacancies occurring during a term shall be filled by County Committee members residing in that district, or, failing that, by appointment of the Chair with the approval of the County Executive Committee, and become permanent after six weeks provided no County Committee member registers a written objection to the Chair.

6.5 ​The County Executive Committee shall hold at least one meeting every month. All members of the County Executive Committee shall be given reasonable notice of when and where each meeting is to be held.

6.6 ​Any committee man or woman of the County Executive Committee who does not attend three consecutive regularly-scheduled meetings shall be demoted to an alternate member from their ward or township, unless prior notice was given to the Chair, or an alternate member from the same ward or township attended in that member’s place.


7.1 ​The Officers of the LPGC shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

7.2 ​County Officers shall be elected at the County Convention by the County Committee and shall take office immediately after Convention. They shall serve for a term of two years.

7.3 ​The Chair shall be responsible for calling meetings of the County Committee and the County Executive Committee, chairing all County Committee and County Executive Committee meetings, chairing the County Convention, serving as official spokesperson of the LPGC, and appointing persons and/or performing other functions as authorized by the County Committee.

7.4 ​The Vice Chair shall act as Chair in the event of the Chair’s inability to perform such action required by these bylaws and/or Missouri election law. The Vice Chair shall also be responsible for coordinating outreach efforts and shall act as public relations officer of the LPGC, as directed by the County Committee and the Chair. The Vice Chair must call an County Executive Committee meeting if the Chair has not done so within the three month period stated in Article 5.5.

7.5 ​The Secretary shall record the minutes of all County Committee and County Executive Committee meetings and correspond with government officials of the State of Missouri, and Greene County with the exception of duties assigned to other officers elsewhere in these bylaws and by any governmental entity. The Secretary shall also ensure that the Annual Report for a Missouri Corporation is timely filed, and that any needed updates to the Registered Office and/or Corporate Officers are timely filed with the Secretary of State.

7.6 ​The Treasurer shall maintain the records of receipts and expenditures of party funds and shall be responsible for reporting such records to any federal or state agency or official as required by law.

7.7 ​The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report to be distributed at County Committee meetings to all members of the County Committee. The Treasurer shall prepare this report at least quarterly and distribute it to the Chair.

7.8 ​In the event a vacancy occur in any County officer’s position, that office shall be filled by appointment of the County Committee. However, in the event a vacancy shall occur in the office of Chair, a vacancy shall also be declared in the office of Vice Chair and a new election shall be held for filling the vacancies of both Chair and Vice Chair.

7.9 ​In the event of a vacancy of treasurer, the responsibilities of the treasurer shall immediately fall upon the deputy treasurer if the position is held until such a time as the voting members of the LPGC assign those responsibilities to another officer or elect a new treasurer. If no deputy treasurer position is currently held, the duties of the treasurer shall fall upon another executive officer within the LPGC at the discretion of the Executive Committee At such a time as the duties of treasurer are assigned to a member or officer, a report shall be filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission naming the new treasurer and deputy treasurer, if the deputy treasurer position has been filled.

7.10​ ​ ​The Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer may delegate portions of their responsibilities with the approval of the County Executive Committee.

7.11 ​Impeachment charges may be brought against any officer of the County Executive Committee by any member at any regular or special meeting of the County Executive Committee. The charges must show cause for removal from office. The officer so charged shall be given the opportunity to reply to the charges and if not present at the meeting at which charges are made, voting on the question shall be deferred until the next regularly scheduled meeting. In the case the officer so charged is the Chair, then the next highest ranking officer will preside over the proceedings. Impeachment shall be only upon approval of two-thirds of the entire County Executive Committee.


8.1 ​Local affiliates of the LPGC may organize county, legislative, senatorial, congressional, and judicial district committees as provided by Missouri election law.

8.2 ​Such affiliates shall not be recognized by the LPGC until the Secretary of the LPGC is provided written notice of the formation of the affiliate including a list of its members and officers.

8.3​ This coalition of County affiliates within southwest Missouri shall be referred to as The Southwest Missouri Libertarian Party, or Ozarks Libertarians.


9.1 ​The County Committee and/or County Executive Committee must approve in advance the expenditure of any party funds. The County Committee and/or County Executive Committee may, but is not obligated to, reimburse funds expended by a member without prior authorization.

9.2​ The county committee and/or County Executive Committee may create or approve a budget for the year. This budget can be made through submissions by the four executive officers and will pertain to expected expenses for the coming year. This budget must be completed by the end of February and will cover through January of the next year. Must be approved at the first County Committee or County Executive Committee meeting in March.

9.3 ​Any funds received at any meeting, event, fundraiser, or any other function of the LPGC and any funds received outside of any function of the LPGC, those funds being designated as funds for the LPGC, shall be given to the treasurer or the chair. Such funds shall be immediately deposited into the bank account of the LPGC at the earliest reasonable date available to the treasurer to make the deposit.

9.4 ​ No funds shall be spent for any purpose unless they have first been deposited into the official bank account of the LPGC and recorded as received by the treasurer.


10.1​ A County Convention shall be held annually. Except in even numbered years when the convention will be held before the opening of candidate filing the time and place of the County Convention shall be determined by the County Committee and/or County Executive Committee or a Convention Committee as appointed by either. The County Convention shall be held at a time and date as not to conflict with the State Convention. Written notice, via either postal mail or email, of the Convention date, time and place (and proposed bylaws changes – if any) shall be given by the county Secretary to all County Committee members at least 30 days prior to the Convention (with member’s RSVP directed to the County Secretary).

10.2 ​The purpose of the County Convention shall be to select the County Executive Committee, nominate state committee officers to the Missouri State Libertarian party, who will attend the State Convention (if applicable), amend the LPGC bylaws through the County Committee, and amend the LPGC Platform.

10.3 ​The County Officers shall serve as officers of the County Convention.

10.4 ​All voting members to County Conventions must be voting members in good standing of the Greene County Libertarian Party, as defined in section 3.1, and must have been members of the LPGC for at least 30 days prior to the start of the Convention. Adoption of platform changes shall require a two-thirds vote of those members present and voting. ​Only voting members present on the convention floor may vote.

10.5 ​County Affiliates which are members of the Southwest Missouri Libertarian Coalition are welcome to hold their county conventions in conjunction with the GCLP.

10.6 ​ The nomination of county executive committee members, state committee officers, other non-executive committee officers (elected in odd number years), and committee men and committee women positions( elected in even numbered years) shall be as set forth in 11.3, 11.4, 11.5, 11.7. Ballots shall be counted by completed by the two voting members as assigned at the discretion of the vice chair. A simple majority of ballots cast for any aforementioned position is required.


11.1 ​In even numbered years, a Nominating Convention will coincide with the County Convention on such a date that does not conflict with the State Convention. These provisions will govern the proceedings and will supersede all other bylaws related to candidate selection. If Missouri statutes or County Clerk practices regarding filing fees change so as to ​require political parties to accept filing fees from whoever wants to run on their ticket, these provisions shall become null and void.

11.2 ​The purpose of the Nominating Convention will be two-fold.

1. Encourage people to run for countywide office. 2. Allow, but not require, members to choose a single candidate to represent the LPGC in the general election in any countywide race.

11.3 ​The Vice-Chair shall be responsible for conducting the Nominating Convention according to these by-laws. He/she may delegate that responsibility to a member of the County Executive Committee.

11.4 ​All voting members, as defined in section 3.1 of these bylaws, who are in attendance are eligible to nominate and vote.

11.5 ​There will be an initial nominating process open to all candidates for all countywide offices. People who have made it known they want to be a candidate but do not personally appear shall be eligible for nomination. Individuals may be nominated for more than one office. Nominations do not require a second. Nominees have the ability to decline a nomination. Recognition by the person leading the convention is not required to make a nomination, though he/she should acknowledge the nomination from the podium.

11.6 ​Each person present who places or accepts their name into nomination is to be asked two questions. These questions are to be asked of a nominee only one time throughout the entire process, even if the candidate is nominated for several offices. Nominees who are not in attendance may have a video presented of them answering each question and including a one minute preface and a one minute close.

1. Why are you running for office?

2. What are the big issues in your race?

They will have one minute to answer each question.

11.7 ​If members wish to have the candidates in any race answer additional questions, whether that race is contested or uncontested, the vice-chair or his/her designee will conduct the questioning at their own discretion. This additional question opportunity is to take place immediately preceding a vote on a race. Motions from the membership to close questioning will be accepted and require a two-thirds majority of those voting to pass.

11.8 ​Balloting shall proceed in this order: Commissioner 1st District, Commissioner 2nd District, Sheriff, Assessor, Treasurer, and Public Administrator.

11.9 ​After the balloting for an office is complete, the nomination process will resume to allow and encourage people to place themselves, or allow themselves to be placed, into nomination for any remaining office. Any new candidates will be asked the questions in 10.6 with the same time constraints. Optional questions will again be allowed per 10.7.

11.10 ​Voting Members are to be provided with a ballot before each vote and votes are to be kept secret. The ballots are to assume substantially this form:

Is there one candidate who you feel should have exclusive access to the primary ballot for this office? Write their name. _____________________

Are there any candidates who you feel should be excluded from the primary ballot for this office? Write their name(s). ____________________________

11.11 ​If there are two or fewer nominees, the first ballot will be the only ballot for that office. To get the exclusive right to have their name on the August primary ballot, a candidate must get in excess of 50% of the ballots cast.

11.12 ​In races where there are three or more candidates, if more than half the voting members who cast ballots want one candidate to have the exclusive right to be on the August primary, but no single candidate gets a majority of the votes cast, the two candidates with the most votes will face each other in a runoff election. If neither of those two leading candidates receives a majority in the runoff, no candidate shall be granted exclusive right to be on the ballot.

The same form of ballot shall be used in runoff elections as in a first ballot. Tie votes will be repeated until one person wins.

11.13 ​A simple majority of the ballots cast is enough to keep a candidate off the ballot.

11.14 General Rules Governing the Nominating Convention There will be no admission charged to attend the Nominating Convention. A motion to have a member or non-member removed from the proceedings requires a simple majority of the voting members present and voting in a voice vote.

Counting of ballots

Two voting members deemed trustworthy and competent by the Vice Chair or his/her designee in charge of conducting the business of the convention will count the votes. After each ballot, they are to announce the total number of votes cast. If no candidate received enough votes to get exclusive access to the primary ballot that shall be announced. If a candidate did receive a sufficient number of votes to grant them exclusive access to the primary ballot, the number of votes they received shall also be announced. If a majority of voting members who cast a ballot voted to deny a candidate access to the ballot, the number of those votes shall also be announced.

Either voting member in charge of counting votes may be challenged and replaced by a motion passing with a simple majority of the voting members present and voting. This vote will be conducted by an officer of the County Party by voice vote. The voting member’s body will nominate and elect replacements.

The ballots are to be retained until two weeks after the close of the filing period by the Secretary for inspection by the County Executive Committee.

Credentials of voting members

Ten days in advance of the Nominating Convention, the County Chair or his/her designee will submit to the members of the County Committee, and to the “members” e-mail subscription list, a list of the people who are recognized voting members and entitled to vote in the Nominating Convention.

The day of the Nominating Convention a credentials committee comprised of the four officers of the County Party will determine who in attendance is allowed to vote, such decision being made immediately following a vote by the voting members on the aforementioned pre-submitted list whether to allow any or all other people in attendance to participate in the Nominating Convention, including the right to nominate and vote. Attendees who make no claim to voting membership are only to be admitted after having made the $5 contribution and been approved by a majority of the already credentialed delegates.

Enforcement of results

As the final business of the Nominating Convention, the Treasurer will announce a list of countywide candidates who as a result of the Nominating Convention paid their fee and received their receipt, as well as a list of those who are entitled but have yet to do so. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer, officers and agents of the Party to abide by and enforce the decision of the Nominating Convention. Accordingly, no receipt for filing fees is to be issued to any candidate who has been denied the right to have their name on our ballot either because another candidate has gained that exclusive right or because the delegates voted not to allow the person access to the ballot for other just cause. Except as provided in this paragraph, no receipts are to be issued to any candidates for countywide office on the first day of filing or at any time, except by default to candidates who pay their fee to the County Clerk at the time they file and without the Party’s objection within two weeks thereof. All countywide candidates who are entitled to file on the first day of filing should have paid their filing fee and received their receipt at the Nominating Convention.

11.15 ​County Affiliates which are members of the Southwest Missouri Libertarian Coalition are welcome to hold their nominating conventions in conjunction with the LPGC.


12.1 ​Amendments to these bylaws of the Greene County Libertarian Party should be made by the County Committee at the County Convention and shall require a two-thirds vote of those County Committee members present and voting in favor. Amendments shall be given to the party Secretary and distributed to the County Committee members 30 days prior to the Convention.

12.2 ​Between Conventions, amendments may be made by the County Committee to change those provisions which are not in accordance with Greene County, Missouri State and Federal laws. The amendments may be made by using the following procedure. The proposed amendment(s) and notice of special meeting date, time and place shall be sent by the party Secretary to all County Committee members, in writing, at least 30 days prior to the scheduled County Committee meeting. The amendment(s) shall require a two-thirds vote of those County Committee members present and voting.


13.1 ​Selection of candidates for partisan elective office shall be in accordance with Missouri statutes.

Per section 115.357.2 RSMo, the LPGC will allow candidates to submit their filing fee to the election officials of the office of the County Clerk for forwarding to the Party. The officials of the LPGC are not to adopt the common practice of instructing the officials of the County Clerk’s Office not to take candidate filing fees.

On the first day of filing in Springfield for the August Primary, no filing fees are to be accepted from any candidate for Commissioner 1st District, Commissioner 2nd District, Sheriff, Assessor, Treasurer, and Public Administrator unless that candidate has contacted the party with notice of their intention to run at least two weeks prior. Officials of the LPGC can only accept filing fees or issue a receipt to any candidate who wants their name to appear on our ballot in the August Primary on the first day of filing. Thereafter, election officials of the County Clerk’s office shall collect the filing fees and forward to the Treasurer of the LPGC as 115.357.2 requires to be done promptly. The LPGC has two weeks from the time the filing fees are received to provide a written refusal to the County Clerk, indicating a denial of that candidate to run as a Libertarian. If written refusal is not provided, receipt shall be considered given to the candidate.

13.2 ​The County Committee may refuse acceptance of a candidate’s filing fee for a partisan election, thus preventing the candidate from running for partisan elective office on the Libertarian Party ballot as follows:

1. Refusing acceptance of a candidate’s filing fee shall require approval by two-thirds of the County Committee in attendance and voting;

2. The County Committee has two weeks from close of candidate filing to consider refusing acceptance of a candidate’s filing fee;

3. County Committee members shall be given at least one week notice that a special County Committee meeting is being called to consider motions to refuse acceptance of candidate filing fees and which candidates are to be considered;

4. Candidates subject to consideration by the County Committee for refusal of their candidate filing fee shall be given at least one week notice and invited to participate in the County Committee meeting;

5. The Secretary shall inform the Greene County Clerk and the candidate in writing that the Greene County Libertarian Party refused acceptance of the candidate filing fee;

6. The Treasurer shall return any filing fee received to candidates whose filing fee has been refused by the County Committee.